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From Allen Avenue to Snapchat Pros titute: See The Evolution of the Nigerian Commercial S*x Worker

From Allen Avenue to Snapchat Pros titute: See The Evolution of the Nigerian Commercial S*x Worker

Despite threats to her existence, the Nigerian sex worker has held her space, from the streets of Lagos Island to a world where social media is king.

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Illustrative photo
It’s 1943. Mary, a young girl, sits in the corner of a small, dark room in Lagos Island. She starts to think of home and better times when her madam calls out to her, loudly. It is time, again.
She walks into the open area to see a white man, probably English, smile at her with tobacco stained teeth. Mary knows, but she is not sure she can do what is being asked of her, what has been asked so many times before.
Her madam puts her hands in this oyinbo’s cold hands and gestures towards the room. But Mary is tired, so she pulls her hand away and shakes her head… NO.
Mary is a s*x worker, and ‘NO’ is not a part of that line of work. So her madam smiles and holds her hand again, but Mary pulls it back.
The next time her madam’s hand comes up, it is a clenched fist that lands on Mary’s face. Then her torso, and her face again. She screams and tries to deflect the blows, but her tiny arms only flail as she falls to the ground.
She hears footsteps, running, other workers come to see what is happening, but they stand there, no-one tries to help her.
She tries to call out someone’s name but she cannot hear her own voice. She wills herself to stand, raise her arms, do something, anything but nothing is happening.
By the time her madam regains her senses, and her temper dies down, Mary is dead, a lifeless heap of flesh and bones on the cold floor.
However interesting it may seem, the story of the Nigerian s*x worker does not begin here.
Our very creative grandparents first called the sex worker ‘Ashewo’ in the 1930’s but it doesn’t start there either.
There is a reason why prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession.
The s*x worker is as old, perhaps older, than Nigeria herself but when the colonial government first tried to ban prostitutes in 1916 – they were not just  around, they were everywhere.
The European expatriates and young professionals of old Lagos had a massive appetite for Nigerian women, and the s*x workers were willing to satisfy it, so they hung at every point they could find them – on street corners, in front of office buildings, cinemas, clubs, chain stores especially on Lagos Island.
When Mary Efoghere died, the reaction from the public was one of pain, disgust and anger; naturally, the government stepped in.
By 1946, the ashewos of Lagos were an endangered species.
Then, in 1960, the English dusted their bags and left. Nigeria became an independent country.
A new generation saw an opportunity to pick up where their mentors left the hustle. The conditions were right, so the Nigerian s*x worker rose again.
This time, their clients were different. Nigeria was a different country, more people could now afford to pay for a few minutes of mekwe. These s*x workers realised that instead of chasing them around, they had to create places where those clients could find them.
In the following years, brothels sprung up all over Nigeria.
Weird MC sang about Allen Avenue in 1996, but she was 16 years late to the party.
In many ways, Ikeja was the unofficial national headquarters of s*x workers at the time, but the street corners that they loved were all over the country.
They were the places where the girls stood at night, waiting patiently, hoping for the best.
But more often than not, conversations went like this.
*cars drives into dimly lit street*
“Baby, come over and check me out. I go do you well.”
“How much?”
“700 naira”
“No, it’s too expensive. Collect 400 naira.”
“Comot here. Bastard. Na your mama dem go carry for 400 naira.”
“This one is old and rude. Let’s check young meat in front”
*car drives away*
Because dark street corners are not for everyone and politicians like to have sex too, a new, higher level of sex workers emerged.
They were the call girls or escorts – undergraduates and exotic women who went the extra mile to look better than their mates on the street.
Their millionaire suitors, known as ‘aristos’ were wealthy and much older men who lived in high-brow areas like Ikoyi and 1004 apartments. They were men who could afford the luxury lifestyle the girls desired.
Let’s take a step back.
When the 70s welcomed the street hookers, they quickly filled up every space they could find.
The escort was an upgrade, the guarantee that if they could become the object of the right person’s desires, they could live the good life.
A lot of things were happening at this time; the military was killing the economy and oil prices were falling, so more women were trying to make a living any way they could.
The problem was, there could only be so many hookers in one place; so the most daring of the madams looked at their contacts in Europe, and decided it was time to expand the business.
Going into 1990, the number of girls that travelled from Nigeria to Italy for a life of prostitution ran into the thousands. As of today, a dazzling 80% of women that travel from Nigeria to Italy through Libya end up as sex workers in Europe.
But that is another story. Ours continues in Nigeria.
The age of the aristo continued late into the early 2000s.
In the eyes of the hooker, there were only two classes of Nigerians; on one hand, there was the upper-class— people who could afford aristos. On the other, you had the regular folk who, because food is more important than 10 minutes of happiness, could only afford the brothels or night warriors of Allen Avenue.
Then, one night, if you believe the stories, Abacha died at the hands of a prostitute.
With democracy came freedom and a new class of people. They were young and comfortable, professionals, entertainers and internet fraudsters — people with just enough newly-made wealth to enjoy few luxuries.
They wanted to taste the things that escorts could do to a man, and the money was there, but it was not enough to compete with Alhaji for his Unilag babe.
A new class of sex worker fondly called ‘olosho’ emerged to serve that need. She is very similar to the aristo, usually educated to some level with an ability to almost blend into whatever location she finds herself in.
The olosho is never a call away from anybody.
The average guy is too proud to walk past Allen Avenue to pick up a girl, and for him, a brothel is not an option, but this hooker knows that if she lures your attention for long enough, you will realise that your next few minutes of pleasure are just a short conversation away.
And just like that, she discovered how to solve the problem of her clients’ insecurities and shyness; by following them everywhere, and hiding in plain sight.
You are friends with more oloshos than you know.
In the following years, a new invention slowly became a part of our daily lives. Its name? The internet. When Facebook became a big deal in the late 2000s, Nigerians flocked there, buoyed by their smartphones and data plans, and the sex worker followed.
For her, It was like opening a branch on the internet; all she had to do was create a vague profile with a pseudonym and a few pictures that could get blood rushing to a man’s head.
Soon enough, she would begin to receive messages.
“Hey pretty. I think you look really good. Would you like to hang out? I can show you a really good time”
Simple and straight-forward, right?
A lot of the girls had friends and family that used Facebook; there was the chance that someone could always stumble on their profile and see things. So when Badoo came through, they knew they had to move.
Badoo has never pretended to be something it is not. It is an app for meeting members of the opposite sex and the sex workers understood that from the onset. When they joined the site and shared pictures of body parts begging to be set free, the business was on the rise again.
But a lot of this was happening.
“Hey beautiful. How are you?”
No Reply.
“You look like an angel, let me give you a place in the stars”
No Reply.
“Hey, you look like you have a nice package, let me unwrap it for you”
No Reply.
Badoo makes it very easy to discover new people, so the hookers found that they were getting too messages from guys trying to sweet-talk them into having sex for free. Tinder showed up later, a fancier version of Badoo with fewer options, but the case was the same.
So they gave us the phrase that is an invitation and a disclaimer at the same damn time.
‘Hookup(s) Only’
What this means is simple; you can send messages until the end of the internet age, but unless you’re ready to pay for nacks, your efforts will fade away like smoke.
Swipe left, and right on your favourite dating app and it’s there; generic hooker name, breasts bursting out of bra, rear end in the air and, ‘hookup(s) only’.
Your favorite Instagram model is a call girl.
Have you ever wondered why Instagram is full of models who have never seen a runway or had a professional photoshoot?
Since social media and chatting became a thing, hookers have relied a lot on pictures. Instagram launched to give them a system that was built around pictures for the most part. I really don’t know what we were expecting.
The hookers joined the app in numbers and put ‘model/PR expert’ on their profiles. The idea was, and still is simple; upload as many pictures of yourself in posh locations looking as sexually inviting as possible and soon, the right people will want a taste of what they see.
Typically, in very little time, a lot of us followed them.
A certain Instagram barbie even has more followers than some full-time musicians.
Men are scum
While you followed her just to enjoy free shows, it’s actually going down in the DMs of the Instagram hooker. Her pretend-like-you-actually-have-money lifestyle tends to attract big fish, the kind of people who can pay for sex in obscene amounts of naira and dollars.
Business boomed. But there was always going to be a new frontier, and in due time, it came.
If there is a hierarchy of users on Snapchat, it will be something like this.
Entertainers – Snapchat Hoes – Normal People, like you and I.
Instead of just pictures, Snapchat invited the hooker to share short videos, and she embraced the opportunity with open legs. Nobody, not even Davido, posts snaps like a Snapchat hoe.
Every day brings a new hotel room, a new car, ‘vacation’ or party, a new opportunity to show you the only thing that matters; her body.
Her videos are like teasers; you open your Snapchat to see a new story and tap on it.
The text across the screen says “Bored as fuck” but this aunty is grinding all over the place.
She makes a face at the camera and winks. The snap ends.
The next snap loads, she’s in the same place but there’s music playing as she rolls her eyes.
It takes you some time to notice that her bra strap has disappeared into thin air.
By the fourth snap, the progression is almost complete. She’s singing along but you can only notice the blouse that is clinging on to her breasts for dear life.
A little peek of lace panties here, a peek of the outline of her body, small bum-bum, just enough to have you wishing for the real thing.
While the rest of Nigeria tries to fully understand Snapchat, she handles it like a professional. Even in the face of threats to her survival, the Nigerian sex worker has successfully evolved over time to match the needs of her clients and the reality of the times she lives in.
From Allen Avenue to 10-second videos, she has followed you everywhere, because of one simple fact; men have always wanted to have s*x.
Snapchat will fade away soon, but you can be sure that whatever may come next, she will be ready for it.
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Humiliation! Pastor’s Son and Friend Paraded Stark N*ked in Public for Doing This Shocking Thing in Abia

Humiliation! Pastor’s Son and Friend Paraded Stark N*ked in Public for Doing This Shocking Thing in Abia

Two men who were found out to have been engaged in committing grievous crimes, have been given the humiliation of a lifetime.

This is the moment two men were paraded n*ked in a market place in Anambra State.
The incident reportedly took place in the Umudike Umuaku Isuochi area of the state .
According to reports, the culprits, one of whom is the son of a reverend, were fond of r*ping women after stealing their foodstuffs. They were apprehended by the villagers and taken to the market place.
Once there, the villagers then went ahead to strip them totally unclad and parade them about.
A facebook user who shared the photo wrote, “Michacha the son of reverend Isreal Onyenyiri in Umudike Umuaku Isuochi and his friend were masqueraded today in the market square for stealing Palm oil, goat, fresh fufu, palm wine soup and other items.
“These two boys and some other of their friends has been terrorising the village for long. The worst part of it is that after stealing they will r*pe any girl they find in the house.”
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MUST SEE : Superstar Boxer, Amir Khan’s Cheating S*x-tape Filmed Weeks After His Wedding Leaked to a Porn Site

MUST SEE : Superstar Boxer, Amir Khan’s Cheating S*x-tape Filmed Weeks After His Wedding Leaked to a Porn Site

Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom is absolutely disgusted after the boxer’s cheating s*x tape filmed just weeks after their wedding is leaked to a porn site.

Amir Khan and his wife
British professional boxer, and former unified light-welterweight world champion, Amir Iqbal Khan’s wife is said to be ‘absolutely disgusted’ by a leaked cheating s*x video which the boxer allegedly filmed just weeks after their wedding.
According to a report by Dailymail, the s*x tape which has reportedly been leaked to a major US porn site, features the former world champion boxer carrying out a s*x act while speaking to a female model on Skype.
Online reports revealed that the X-rated video was made shortly after the 30-year-old married his 25-year-old wife, Faryal Makhdoom, in 2013.
While speaking exclusively to The Sun, Faryal who has been embroiled in a public family row with Khan’s family, is said to be ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the revelations.
She said: ‘This is a mortifying moment for Amir. He’s a Muslim boxer and his personal life is under the microscope right now, so the timing couldn’t be worse.
‘There had been rumours about these videos for years but now anyone who wants to view them on the internet for free can do so.’
It is believed the woman from the footage is from Arizona in the US and first met the boxer in 2010. There are also reports that three other X-rated videos of the boxer were being offered to porn websites, at the time.
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MUST READ : 8 Ways to Spot a Runs Girl in Nigeria

MUST READ : 8 Ways to Spot a Runs Girl in Nigeria

Say the words: Runs girl in Nigeria, and almost everyone knows what you mean. A runs girl refers basically to a girl who uses her body in exchange for other kinds of favors, mainly financial.

Joro Olumofin

Joro Olumofin

Popular Lagos socialite and relationship counselor, Joro Olumofin on his Instagram page, shared his thoughts on runs girls and how to easily spot them. Below are his words:

First he said: “A runs girl is any girl who is blatantly lazy or not content with her salary, income, allowance, because her personal income will not get her to her destination. She uses her beauty and physical attributes to gain monetary favors, promotion, land, cars, jewelry from any man who is willing to pay.”

Then he gives tips on how to spot a runs girl saying: “How do you spot a runs girl? this may be stereotypical, but:

1. Any lady who does not have a 9-5 or functional business and yet lives a lavish lifestyle.

2. Any lady who is always in a private jet or luxury hotel apartment, 7 times a year is a runs girl.

3. Any lady who owns more than 15 designer bags, without a source of income.

4. Any lady who has more than 15k followers on IG or Twitter without any media portfolio or Makeup/Model business

READ ALSO: Man leaks ‘after coitus’ photos of runs babe in Akwa Ibom

5. Any lady, who is ‘Yellow-skinned’ and moves with 5 or more other ‘Yellow-skinned’ ladies is a runs girl (Yellow gang).

6. Any lady who has a 9-5 job, but the mathematics of her salary and lifestyle don’t add up.

7. Any lady who owns a shop, has less than three customers and is paying rent is a runs girl.

8. Any girl who goes to Polo Club Lagos by herself, without been invited is a potential runs girl.”

Watch a video of Joro Olumofin responding after he had a quarrel with a Lagos OAP:

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FINEST FACE 2017 COMPETITION… 1 Day Down. See Pictures

FINEST FACE 2017 COMPETITION… 1 Day Down. See Pictures




  1. Send 5 of your picture on or before the 15th of every month to
  2. 5 people would be selected and their pictures would be displayed from 16-21 for voting
  3. You can vote simply by choosing the best and leaving your comment in the comment box below
  4. The person with the highest number of vote wins .

It’s pretty simple, send your pictures on or before the 15th of every month, invite your friends and family to vote for you from 16-21. The finest face wins the sum of N10,000 (Ten thousand naira) and would be contacted via the email used to apply….

So don’t let your mirror be the only one telling you you’re beautiful, let Nigeria decide

Ineh Precious

Muna Amakiri

Busayo Deborah

Inline imageInline image

Oluwatyin Otun

    Displaying Screenshot_2017-01-03-08-04-39.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2017-01-03-08-11-21.png

Tobiloba Abisuaga

Displaying PhotoGrid_1473761986962.jpgDisplaying PhotoGrid_1482068761236.jpg

Lets serve you a bit of the iceberg….more pictures loading


Displaying Snapchat-1203418450.jpgDisplaying C360_2016-05-30-14-22-24-525.jpg

Displaying Snapchat-1203418450.jpg

Olamide O

Displaying IMG_20150724_123802.jpg

Displaying Snapchat-1203418450.jpgDisplaying PhotoGrid_1482068761236.jpg

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Meet This Bayelsa Girl Who Drives “Keke Napep” To Raise Money For Her Education

Meet This Bayelsa Girl Who Drives “Keke Napep” To Raise Money For Her Education

26 year old Peace Orukari is from Kalama compound, Sabageria, a Community in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

She drives tricycle a.k.a ‘Keke’ to raise money for her education. The young entrepreneur entered into the business due to how tough life has been for her and her family.

Peace had struggled to finish secondary school selling recharge cards and hawking oranges.


Speaking to BodmasNews, Peace says that she still lives with her parents and her younger ones and since she went into entrepreneurship, life has been more easy for them.

When asked what pushed her into all of this, she explained that while in secondary school, there were challenges of finance to register for WAEC and other fees, she then went to some big politicians she knew as community leaders then, but they demanded sex before they could help her.

Seeing that she could not stoop herself so low, she began hawking oranges and selling recharge cards which she did for about five years, supporting her family with it.

The income was not still enough as she also wanted to further her eduction to the university, Peace then met one of her customers who buys cards from her, a keke driver, and pleaded with him to teach her.

At first he was reluctant but he later did.

After she had learnt, she then made moves to get a “KEKE” where she could submit returns after use, which she did and since then, has been driving it.


She further narrated that driving the “KEKE” has helped improve their conditions, her younger ones were now comfortable, they could pay their rent without difficulty and she was also saving for her education.

When Bodmasnews asked Peace Orukari about her challenges driving the keke, her reply was that she needed funds to get her own Keke. Apart from that, she had no other challenges.

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Breaking: Pastor E.A. Adeboye retires as RCCG General Overseer.. See His Successor

Breaking: Pastor E.A. Adeboye retires as RCCG General Overseer.. See His Successor


Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has retired as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Just last year, the church slammed those calling for the 74-year-old to retire as head of RCCG.

Pastor Johnson Odesola, Special Assistant to Pastor Adeboye on Administration and Personnel, said at the time that the church’s constitution did not state that anyone above 70 years should not lead the ministry.

He said: “Whereas the constitution provided that the deputy and assistant general overseers are appointed to retire at 70 and enjoy their retirement benefits for life, there is no such provision for the general overseer.”

Pastor Adeboye announced the decision on Saturday morning and will be replaced by Pastor Joseph Obayemi as successor.


Pastor J.O. Obayemi

Obayemi was a deputy in charge of Finance and a member of governing council, before his appointment.

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Popular Musician Exposed on Social Media for Cheating on His Wife

Popular Musician Exposed on Social Media for Cheating on His Wife

Zimbabwean rapper, Desmond Chideme a.k.a Stunner, was recently shamed by his wife who is heartbroken after she caught him cheating on her.

Zimbabwean rapper, Stunner was exposed by his wife for cheating

Zimbabwean rapper, Stunner was exposed by his wife for cheating

Stunner was called out in an emotional video made by his wife Olinda Chapel, where she called him a serial cheat who preferred to sleep with 18-19year olds.

Revealing how she had been warned several times to leave her husband because of his cheating ways, she said she remained stubborn and stayed back and even supported the rapper’s extravagant lifestyle.

In the video, Olinda said:

“Stunner Desmond Chideme is an Ass, look at me; i’m a very hardworking woman, I work seven days in a week, for a man to start cheating on me, sleeping with 18-19 year old girls, it’s a shame. I’m disappointed in this man.”

See video below:

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According to facebook enthusiast Ibrahim Gomda Barhama Gattuso;


When I tell my friends here that Muslims and Christians in my homeland live together in peace and harmony,they get so surprised.Well this is the National Chief Imam of Ghana Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu with archbishop Palmer Buckle of Ghana during the latter’s visit to our Imam.This is actually a thank you visit after Chief Imam was told that the Archbishop was taken ill so Imam visited the bishop and even prayed for him.

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